Export Scatter to vrscene file

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Export Scatter to vrscene file

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we still work with VrayScatter 4.470. The only reason that for, is cause until 4.514, you could install vray scatter for maya both, as module and i dont remember how the other method was call.

The main problem for us, is that we do work on Maya, prepare every single scene, and once a scene or camera is ready, we just export the whole scene to a vrscene and then batch render them at night via vray standalone console.
Until 4.470 we got our scattered system on the exported vrscene, but with the new versions installed as a module, we export to vrscene but then scatter system is not exported and finally we dont get them in the final render, we just got it on Maya itself. And that is already a problem, cause Maya consumes memory, and is not really a good workflow to render inside Maya, and also batch render is really tricky inside Maya. With our method, no memory is consumed by any app or software, just vray standalone rendering, and batch render it is as easy as create a bat file.

We just have the query about the new version. 4.608. Does it support to export our scene to a vrscene file and then render it via vray console and get scatter system? We just plan to upgrade to Vray 5 and we need to move on to version 4.608. but it all depends on this matter.

If not, is it posible, i guess it is and should be easy, to get that functionality for the next update?

Thank you.
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Re: Export Scatter to vrscene file

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All you need to do is to add path to the VRayScatter V-Ray plugin to the VRAY_PLUGINS (VRAY_PLUGINS_x64 for V-Ray 4.x) env. var.
Plugin is located under "vrayplugins" sub-directory of the module.
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